your Creative Reading with BEA1991


The incentive of our session is to talk about the emotional environment of your work – not the work itself. I do not listen to, or look at your work. According to what you tell me, together we’ll unfold areas of thought that will help you to proceed, break open, re-inspire, halt, or take an alternate turn. It all depends on the nature of the feeling you’re experiencing, and I always make sure that I understand the situation in detail before I offer questions.

Our session will create mental space; helping you to move beyond any type of anxiety, unhealthy repetition or artsy peer pressure. I can clarify where the personal creative urge roots from (this can be sensitive) and help locate; then verify and feed that place of raw intention.

* our talk ~ typically 90 to 120 mins
* fee ~ 75€ an hour
(excl tax)

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